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Bubblzz Bath & Body

Bubblzz Bath & Body

Bubblzz offers a wide range of bath & body care products formulated from organic & essential oils.

Elegant Touch Electromechanical

We are one of the leading companies in Egypt, Our company is an Egyptian company , We work in fire fighting and HVAC fields. We had done huge projects with the Ministry of Health, Armed Forces Engineering Authority, and Wadi El Nil and private projects. After about 2 years and a half, we succeeded to have a good reputation.

El-Nekhely Technology

El-Nekhely Technology

El-Nekhely Technology is a company that specializes in the sales of electronics, computer parts and peripherals.

El-Nekhely Technology was established in Egypt in 2007, and until 2009, it only dealt with companies. By 2009, El-Nekhely Technology started providing its services to individuals.

El-Nekhely Technology has 3 branches in two computer malls in the Greater Cairo area, Al-Bostan mall in downtown Cairo, and Computer market mall in Mohandeseen city.

Zone Group

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Atef Wassef Silver

(عاطف واصف للفضيات)

Candy Store

specialized in imported candies, snacks, and restaurant frozen foods in addition to cooking.

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