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AlTameer Arabian

AlTameer Arabian" was founded in 1995 by Eng. Marzouk Mansour to establish a bridge of precious dependability. We have a new vision to create a paradigm shift in Egyptian real estate market. We also intend to utilize our long experience in real estate development and our coalition with major local and international consultancy firms that we sounded over the years through our companies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


The name of the company is based on providing the best investment methods and values that any investor relies on to ensure the success of his investment process. These values are represented in (Professionalism, Years of experience, Reality, Accountability, Mastery, Ingenuity, Diversity, and sustainability) so Pyramids Company is the first pioneer in developing the industry of real estate. The investment portfolio of the Pyramids diversified, and it launched 10 various projects (residential, commercial, administrative, hotel, and tourism) in the most distinguished investment cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Nakheel Developments is a leading Real Estate company in Egypt with an extended experience of over 15 years in UAE establishing, finishing, and managing more than 20 compounds and luxurious projects such as AL Mohery Compound, AL Mansoury Compound, AL Zaabi Compound, AL Mashghoni Compound, AL Marzouky Compound, and AL Mazroui Compound).The company experience started with the Global Property in 2008 in Abu Dhabi, then expanded with an ambitious strategy in Egypt with many successful projects rolled in like Queens Hospital in Tanta. Also, we have two strongest projects in the New Administrative Capital such as Trio V Tower & Double Two Tower.

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